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Vhi’s Adam Bacon Wins Marketer Award

21 November 2016 by

Vhi’s Adam Bacon Wins Marketer Award

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Vhi’s head of marketing Adam Bacon has been named Marketer of the Year 2016 by Marketing magazine.

The award is sponsored by Alternatives Group and has been running for 24 years. The judges said Bacon had successfully repositioned Vhi as an appealing choice for consumers after the insurer became an “optional extra” expense due to the recession.

“To have subsequently navigated those very choppy commercial waters and emerge with a stronger offering in the marketplace and a more diverse, appealing brand marks out a special marketing talent,” the judges declared.

As part of its marketing strategy, more emphasis was given to Vhi’s clinical services such as Vhi SwiftCare Clinics and Vhi HomeCare, with the aim of showing the health insurer as being a value for money proposition and clearly distinct from challenger brands.

Bacon (pictured above) and his team created what was described as a new Vhi “brand world”, in which members’ real experiences were brought to life via TV ads using animation and narrative.

As well as buttressing the TV ads with radio and other spots, Vhi launched a new website with improved sales funnels, digital customer service tools and social media messaging.

The two other finalists were Dervila McGarry, head of marketing with Aer Lingus, and Alina Ui Chaollai, marketing director with Largo Foods.

Marketing publisher Michael Cullen said: “The marketing team at Vhi led by Adam Bacon have demonstrated the cool level-headedness needed to survive in difficult trading conditions and subsequently thrive in the recovered economy.”

Charley Stoney, managing director of Alternatives Group, said: “Despite being buffeted by several marketplace threats and plummeting demand caused by the recent recession, Adam held firm to his vision for the future of the brand. He confidently implemented the steps needed to deliver this vision and, by doing so, created an even stronger Vhi.”