Alternatives Career Trajectory Series

Insights to success

To help you on your career journey, we have developed the Alternatives Career Trajectory Toolkit. Whether you are simply planning or reviewing your career; taking an initial look at potential opportunities or actively interviewing, we have tips and insights to share with you, accumulated by our team, over many years. 

In our Career Trajectory series we share our thoughts on:

1: How to Plan Your Career

2: Evolving Marketing Competencies and how to build them

3: How to Write a Winning CV

4: How to Succeed at Interview

5: How to Prepare for a Competency Based Interview

All can be downloaded below.

We also have other miscellaneous guides on areas such as preparing for remote interviews, salary and remuneration guides that we update frequently. Please check out the "career advice" dropdown to find relevant career blogs in this hub. 

And of course, you can contact our specialist talent team at any time to advise you along the way. They are industry and talent specialists of standing, who recognise the complex and rapidly evolving world of marketing, digital, and customer focused careers. They can advise, and at times challenge you. They will go the extra mile to ALTER your trajectory.

We hope you find these insights useful and we look forward to hearing from you.

From all of the team at Alternatives 

Alternatives Career Trajectory 1 Planning your Career.pdf

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Alternatives Career Trajectory 2 Building Marketing Skills.pdf

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Alternatives Career Trajectory 3 Writing a Winning CV.pdf

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Alternatives Career Trajectory 4 How to Succeed at Interview.pdf

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Alternatives Career Trajectory 5 Preparing Competency Based Interview.pdf

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