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talent for topline growth, on demand

We believe in the power of great market and customer focused talent to transform business and drive topline growth.  We help you alter your trajectory by
  • Connecting with precision the best with the best

  • Offering flexible, in demand talent, on demand

  • Providing transformative leadership talent

  • Advising on the capabilities & structure to drive toplien growth

Our expertise is the talent that drives topline growth. Professionals with strategy & innovationmarketing & brand, digital & data and customer expertise, from executive to director level, who are best placed to respond to these challenges. Experts who embrace digital and data disruption, deliver insight, unlock customer centric strategies, build successful brands, innovate, open new markets and unlock growth. 

Further ignited by the gig economy, the way in which we work is also changing. And so we’ve developed a diverse range of talent solutions, from full time placements to short term interim managers, contractors and consultants, giving you access to screened, in-demand talent, on demand.

Our Talent Specialism

Talented people, with leadership, marketing, strategic, digital, data and product skills, who put the customer firmly at the heart of their businesses and unlock topline growth.

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    Marketing Talent

    • Marketing management Talent
    • Strategy Talent
    • Communications Talent
    • Brand management Talent
    • Channel / Trade Talent
    • Innovation Talent
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    Digital Talent

    • Digital strategy Talent
    • Digital communications Talent
    • E-commerce Talent
    • SEO Talent
    • UX/UI, creative Talent
    • Social and content Talent
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    Data Talent

    • Data Science Talent
    • Data analytics Talent
    • Insight Talent
    • Research Talent
    • Strategic planning Talent
    • CRM Talent
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    Customer Talent

    • Product management Talent
    • Proposition development Talent
    • Segmentation Talent
    • Customer experience Talent
    • Retention & loyalty Talent
    • Change management Talent
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Our Talent Services

We provide a diverse range of talent solutions, to allow you access in-demand talent, on demand. Contractors, consultants, on short term assignments; Long term hires sourced from Ireland and globally; Flexible, expert teams. Whatever your talent needs, we have it covered.

  • In existence since 2000, you can access The Alternatives Panel of Interim Managers, contractors and consultants for immediate one-off projects, longer term assignments such as maternity leave cover or for ongoing flexible input into your business. We screen relentlessly, selecting only those who can hit the ground running and positively impact your business. Our payroll facilities and professional indemnity give you flexibility and peace of mind.

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  • Our specialist permanent recruitment division is No. 1 in Ireland, bringing with it unparalleled knowledge of both candidates and industry. We recruit across all marketing, digital, data and customer talent roles, at all levels and across all sectors.

    We take talent personally. For us, it’s never a numbers game.

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  • Do you need a supplementary team that you can scale up or down as needed? Our flexible, specialist, payrolled teams, are resourced by us and based on-site with you, to drive through ongoing or new marketing, digital and customer centric projects.

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  • If you are constrained by your budget, but caught for time we offer modular recruitment solutions including candidate response management, market mapping, candidate interviewing and assessment. We can also help on employer branding, compensation benchmarking, organisation structure, coaching and training.

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  • Alternatives Elect, our global executive search division, specialises in finding future focused leaders who grow and transform businesses.  Our Client Partners in Dublin work with our research houses in East & West Coast USA, Singapore, Australia, Brussels and London, to identify a fresh pool of top tier Irish, global and diaspora leadership talent.

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We are delighted to have been recognised by a number of awards over the years.


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