Alternatives career trajectory series - How to succeed at interview

9 May 2018 by Sorcha Coleman

Alternatives career trajectory series - How to succeed at interview


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Launching the Alternatives Career Trajectory Series

We have just collated and updated all our career hints, tips, advice and insights from the last 18 years of helping marketers build their careers. Now we’re delighted to share this with you through our Career Trajectory Series of 5 instalments.

This series has been especially designed to help you on your career journey. Whether you’re simply planning or reviewing your career; taking an initial look at potential opportunities; applying for a specific role or actively interviewing, we have tips and insights to share with you, accumulated by our team, over many years.

Our Career Trajectory series covers:

  1. How to plan & manage your career
  2. Building your professional marketing competencies
  3. How to write a winning CV
  4. How to succeed at interview
  5. How to prepare for a competency based interview

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