Marketer of the Year™ on pause until 2021

7 August 2020 by Sandra Lawler

Marketer of the Year™ on pause until 2021


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Alternatives have been proud sponsors since 2006 of the prestigious Marketer of the Year award, that recognises the very best of marketing talent in Ireland. The sponsorship has always been celebratory in nature, with the Marketer of the Year winner being recognised in front of their senior peers at an invite-only Awards lunch every November.

Given the current context, which has impacted so many organisations and marketers so severely, and given the difficulty in planning a festive community awards get together, we agree with Michael Cullen of, the property creator and owner, that it is best to press pause on this great award until 2021, when we can truly celebrate the best of marketing talent together again

We would like to acknowledge the difficult decision that Michael Cullen has had to make. We would also like to thank our judges, who have agreed to participate again in 2021. 

In the meantime we reflect on the achievements of the previous winners of the past years. We know that their contribution has helped create powerful brands and continues to help drive business, even in this most compromised of times. 

Marketer of the Year™ is organised by magazine in association with Alternatives, the competition’s sponsor. Marketer of the Year™ is registered in the Register of Trade Marks in the name of under the Trade Marks Act 1996.