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Are you Ireland's Marketer of the Year 2019?

23 August 2019 by Sandra Lawler

Are you Ireland's Marketer of the Year 2019?

90315 Moty 2019 Graphic

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Are you a leading light of marketing?

Have you achieved great business and brand success?

If so, we'd love to hear from you!

This year our criteria are a little different to previous years. 

Whilst we are still looking for someone who has achieved recent outstanding brand and business success, we are placing more emphasis on  someone who is a career marketer, who has a proven track record and who has led teams with success. Someone who has helped develop marketing as a strategic function- either within their organisation or within the industry.  

The 6 Key Criteria

  • A successful marketer with a proven career track record

  • Has achieved outstanding (recent) brand & business success, through exceptional strategic direction & innovation

  • Has achieved outstanding brand & business success – through creative and effective communications

  • Has a track record in driving growth for their brand & business

  • Has a track record of great leadership, having led, upskilled and inspired teams

  • Has developed marketing’s reputation as a strategic function

If that sounds like you, we'd love you to submit your entry. You can download a simple to use entry form template below:

Please email or post your entry before Thursday 26th September to: 

Marketer of the Year, 1 Albert Park, Sandycove, Co Dublin, A96 XD63 E: T: 01 280 7735

For more info:

Last year's Ultimate Marketer, Fiona Dawson

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