Carmel Oboyle

"Flexible Talent Helps Us Scale The Business Quickly"

10 June 2019 by

"Flexible Talent Helps Us Scale The Business Quickly"

Carmel Oboyle

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Carmel O’Boyle: 'Growth Is Key At LogMeIn – And Flexible Talent Helps Us Scale The Business Quickly'

‘It was really the need to grow and scale quickly that made Alternatives so appealing’

Regardless of the size of your business, expanding into new markets will always present unique challenges.

Carmel O’Boyle, Senior Director of International Marketing for LogMeIn, is no stranger to these challenges. Now as LogMeIn positions itself as one of the world’s leading SaaS companies, Carmel joins us to talk about building dynamic marketing teams, capable of rapid growth – and how recruiting flexible talent helps her to achieve this.

“Growth is a key buzz word in the company at the moment, so it’s all about finding talent that helps us scale the business quickly. I’m looking for individuals that can help us grow into a new market - ideally someone who has worked in that marketplace, has intimate knowledge of the business and knows what the go to market strategy should be,” Carmel explains to the Alternatives podcast, Live Your Best Life.

The speed at which LogMeIn enters new markets, however, can be challenging for recruitment.

“We don’t always have the luxury of testing and refining, we need to see business value quite quickly,” says Carmel.

Specialist skills – for instance, the ability to implement innovative systems to help the company scale – are high on Carmel’s wish-list for the ideal candidate. And this, coupled with the need to scale at speed, is why Carmel looks to Alternatives Flexible Working to build and grow.

“I had used Flexible working in previous companies before LogMeIn – and then in LogMeIn it was really the need to grow and scale quickly that made Alternatives so appealing.

“At times it was also very helpful to stand back and look at the team and ask: ‘Do we have the right skills in the team?’ or ‘Do we have the time to upskill someone on the team?”

Carmel adds that Flexible working affords LogMeIn the opportunity to bring in specialists for a specific time frame to really focus on a project or timeline.

“The quality of candidates we’ve received through Alternatives has been incredible,” she says. “They’ve really added a lot of value to our team. It’s a win-win.”

Carmel believes this way of working is the future of business.

Carmel is a guest on Episode 1 of Live Your Best Life, a podcast by Alternatives that takes a deep-dive into the world of flexible working.

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