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Alternatives Quarterly Market Update

29 May 2019 by

Alternatives Quarterly Market Update

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Bernie Keogh, Managing Director, Alternatives Marketing, Reports & Surveys, News & Views...

The market for talent has remained dynamic, in spite of uncertainty over Brexit and a 31st October deadline. FMCG & Drinks sectors are displaying a great deal more caution, and are relatively quiet vs the market, where sectors such as tech, education and professional services are busier than ever. Financial services, retail and utilities remain busy too.

In larger companies the demand for people from strong marketing management and digital backgrounds remains consistently high. Given the focus on employee retention and engagement, there are increased opportunities within internal communications as well as in corporate communications. There’s also a notable increase in the demand for senior level research and insights roles, as well as data roles, across diverse sectors such as tourism, retail, drinks, insurance and utilities. Demand is also consistent for those with solid content experience, professionals who are often from journalistic and more commercially driven backgrounds. There are a lot of new hybrid roles emerging with a mix of key specifications.

Diversity–beyond gender balance- is a big theme and we will see this continue.

We have seen a lot of mid-sized entrepreneurial companies, many in the B2B space, seeking to enhance their marketing teams and looking for marketers on a full time and flexible basis with brand building, digital, content and international experience. 

The recruitment selection process itself has accelerated. Most clients, having seen movement in the market are moving more quickly through processes, maybe having lost good candidates due to slow processes before. They are also increasingly open to shorter term or more flexible arrangements to access good people, particularly those at mid to senior level.

The marketplace for in demand talent is very competitive. Candidates have choice and are being selective. Many, particularly at early to mid-career stage, have a number of opportunities and we are seeing more candidates withdraw from processes due to other offers or counter offers. Candidates are really now focusing on the reputation of the company, its purpose, its culture and the make-up of the team they’ll be joining. They want to know that they are joining a business that can offer them growth, flexibility and creativity. Location is also critical, particularly with so many people trying to manage already long commutes.

Many companies are offering flexible working arrangements and facilitating remote working in order to attract the best in demand talent as flexible working is becoming more and more important to professionals of all ages. 

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