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2018 Alternatives & The Analytics Institute Survey

19 November 2018 by

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2018 Alternatives & The Analytics Institute Survey

Data Analytics

Bernie Keogh, Managing Director, Alternatives Data


Alternatives & The Analytics Institute carried out research amongst data science and analytics professionals in September to November 2018. Key results were presented at the annual Analytics Conference. 

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I/ Salaries and key benefits

Salaries for key roles, at different career levels; levels of salary increases; benefits and annual leave 

II/ Key motivators & engagement 

Top motivators beyond salary; levels of engagement & security amongst the community in their roles; the length of time people plan to stay in their current company.

III/The Data/Analytics Function & Strategic Role 

Average team sizes; Where data sits; How strategic the data / analytics function is perceived to be 

IV/ Key skills required for success

What the top technical and softer skills are required to drive the function and to increase its' strategic role.