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Is an Interim Marketing Management career for you?

16 February 2018 by

Is an Interim Marketing Management career for you?

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Are you yearning for a change in your career – new sector perhaps? Have you been on a career break and looking to get back into the game? Have you just moved back to Ireland after a few years abroad? Do you want a role that is meaty whilst offering you more flexibility than you currently have?

Then, why don’t you consider interim marketing management?

Interim Marketing is what Alternatives was founded on. Since 2000 we have been providing clients with top marketing talent on a flexible basis, be it to cover a maternity leave or to manage a specific project. It’s still at the heart of what we do - we have Ireland’s most comprehensive panel of digital, marketing and customer-focused talent. Clients across every industry sector are calling out for interim talent – the model is more attractive than ever.

If you’re seeking flexibility to achieve a greater work life balance, or want to have greater control of shaping and developing your next career move, perhaps interim marketing is for you.

Here are some ways you can start preparing yourself if you decide to make that step.

Firstly, you must self-evaluate to determine the type of role and business you would love, and what is best suited for you. Is there a specific area of marketing that you have a particular passion for?  Focus is great, but remember, you need to have the experience and skills to get the role. This could mean moving into a more generalist position whilst up-skilling in that particular area. Also look at it from an industry and organisation perspective. Perhaps you have worked in multi-national businesses your entire career and would love to try working in the start-up environment, or vice versa. Keep a positive mind-set and focus on what you want, rather the list of what you don’t want – keep reminding yourself of when you were the happiest in previous roles and what motivates you the most and use that criteria (along with some gut instinct!).

I always suggest candidates rigorously assess their own personal competencies, and be very truthful with themselves on the area(s) they need to develop. This is the only way to achieve your ultimate career goal. Accept any possible weaknesses within your personal competency profile, and try to address these skills gaps. You should also remind yourself of what your core strengths and abilities are, and be proud of your achievements to date. Ask the opinion of current or previous line managers, co-workers and even friends to get their view and help you honestly assess your personal competencies.

Next is getting yourself out there. Use trade events as a way to gain insight into other industries and businesses – something might just light a spark and lead to you explore a path that you hadn’t considered. It’s a great way to start conversations with industry practitioners as well as interim managers to gain an understanding of their experiences first hand.

Finally, particularly for those who haven’t explored interim roles previously or haven’t been actively on the market for some time, the interview process for interim positions can seem particularly daunting.  They are often much swifter, and you might only have one meeting as your opportunity to shine.  

So, preparation is paramount - you must have your ‘sales pitch’ down to a fine art. Know how to position yourself to the prospective employer and let them know what you can bring to the role. Hone in on your strongest competencies and definitely have examples prepared of your agility – as joining an organisation on an interim basis is all about hitting the ground running.  

For information on the how to join Alternatives interim panel, or if you need an interim manager for your team, contact Faye Constance on 01 661 8889 or