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Do you let fear stop you trialling something new in digital?

19 January 2018 by

Do you let fear stop you trialling something new in digital?

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Of course not!  So, don’t let it stop you from embracing the new Gig Economy for your digital talent solutions… 

Fear works on different people in different ways. It either cripples you or motivates you to take a stand. A stand for your brand, your team and the people who follow and believe in you. Most of the time we see fear hold people back when it comes to digital marketing, including the costs of hiring new people, investing in new software and technology and especially putting fresh money into online advertising and promotional campaigns. So many companies have tried various forms of marketing to spread the word about their brand, including canvassing, direct mail flyers and even paper page adverts, more recently new websites, SEO and refreshed content.

Chances are you know this fear whether you own your own company or have P&L responsibility for your function and in a digital world where every day something new comes along it’s something we have to learn to live with.  The fear of investing in an untried online advertising or marketing tool, or, in our world, a newly created in-house digital role? Or how about that new marketing automation software, or that inbound trial you did? How did that work out?  Or that digital agency looking for a monthly retainer with unmeasurable results?

The fear is justified but we have to learn to acknowledge that contained failure can be a good thing for businesses who want to innovate and grow. Failure means at the very least you’re trying and since you don’t always know what will work and what won’t, it’s not really failure! It’s an education and a journey towards establishing your digital footprint with potential ROI in the ether.  Many of us have been disappointed with the results of online marketing that didn’t work out but shouldn’t failure be more the norm in marketing or at least a somewhat familiar feeling? Failure is normal when you think about the low conversion rates of most campaigns. But that 3% conversion rate may translate into the thousands or if you are lucky millions of euros in potential revenue you need or want to be profitable and happy.

An old saying goes, “The only thing that is constant is change” and it applies to nearly every business. Companies that don’t change and evolve, that don’t improve and grow, are destined to fail. It is time lost and the window of time to build and launch new products is getting narrower.  Missing that window hurts and the opportunity is gone. Learning to market, sell and build your business better by learning to face your fear, and use the most relevant talent, most suitable sales enablement and marketing automation technologies available and hire the expert your business can afford to execute the delivery is key.  

To win in this new online world you must invest. This includes investments in digital, content and marketing automation like websites, copywriting, design, programming, and software AS WELL AS the talented and creative project team to make it all work - on time and on budget.

The “gig economy”, (also referred to as the “on demand economy” “the collaborative economy” or the “peer to peer economy”) has been pioneered by the IT and Technology space.  

When it comes to the modern working environment, flexibility is in right now and the idea of a job for life is fast becoming a thing of the past with growing acceptance, advancements in technology are bringing an increase in people foregoing regular nine to five jobs and deciding instead to work on particular ‘gigs’, where they are employed on a particular task or f0r a defined time creating a willingness for talent to take on short term contracts on a daily rate to help organisations through a strategic, transformation or implementation phase of their digital growth.

In particular within the digital and creative space this mind-set shift in niche skillsets allows the flexible contractor access to work across multiple brands and projects and in a flexible way while earning premium rates enabling them to broaden their experience and exposure to a multiple brands and verticals.

Alternatives flexible solutions offer an interim and contracting panel of Marketing and Digital specialists, we have used our expertise to build Ireland’s most comprehensive panel of digital, marketing and customer contractors, available at short notice.

Our tribe are customer evangelists & marketing natives, operating in a data driven, digitally enhanced world. Those who put the customer at the heart of their company strategy and build outstanding brands and businesses.

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