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Winning the battle for great Data Talent

2 November 2017 by

Winning the battle for great Data Talent

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Winning the battle for great Data Talent

Ireland continues to prosper as major global data hub with most organisations building new analytics hubs or CXIA units. A key theme for 2017/18 is ‘analytics everywhere’ with both technological and non-technologically driven organisations continuing to integrate this relatively immature talent segment with the wider business to win a competitive edge.

Significant skills hybrids have emerged across Data and Tech, Data Science, Digital Analytics, Marketing, Insight and Credit Risk. There is increased demand for business intelligence & data practitioners to unearth more value from data, coupled with an increased focus on EQ & a consultative skills, enabling managers to impact on ROI.

Big data continues to dominate with increased demand for faster data and real-time analytics via technologies like Spark Streaming, Kafka and Flink. Many groups are adopting more flexible and scalable cloud platforms e.g. AWS, Azure & Google Cloud Platform – resulting in demand for computer science skills in particular.

What are the latest roles & must have skill sets within data?

Advanced analytics managers and senior data scientists (those with HADOOP stack) continue to be in most demand. Analysts are being hired from a broader array of quant backgrounds (including, notably engineering & GIS) and shortages in skills have encouraged the new role of “data hygienist” – i.e. administrators who can cleanse data with only SQL. The rise of deep learning (advanced machine learning) across industries as diverse as insurance, healthcare, telecommunication, banking and IT has been noted. A decline in traditional data science skill sets e.g. modelling is not envisaged however.

Digital Data Scientists and analysts are some of the rarest hybrids. A rise in uptake of new tools & modelling techniques to compliment Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics have greatly increased the capabilities of digital & web analysts. There has been a marked increase in demand for Principal Data Scientists also – a coaching role in response to the need for more data engagement & strategic use of data resources.

How do salaries compare with last year?

Greater choice & competition is driving candidates’ growing remuneration expectations, whilst a lack of data talent pipeline from Gen Y & Z will continue to place pressure on organisations to reward highly at junior level.

At top table, Data Transformational leaders will be the key hiring area for 2017/18 and will command salaries of between €150- €200k with GDPR & Blockchain experts taking hold in quarters 2-4 of 2018. Business Intelligence Directors/CIOs are becoming very significant at the senior level with salaries averaging €194,500. Advanced Analytics Managers are being paid on average €81,750 (up 26% vs last year).

Top 5 tips on what it takes to be successful in attracting top data talent:

1. Come armed with a vision & an attractive work culture.

2. Be prepared for counter offer & negotiation.

3. Pitch your technology & infrastructure.

4. Unblock any long-drawn hiring processes.

5. Invest in your talent brand & utilise talent partners for same.

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