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What’s all the hype with Customer Experience? Do we really need it?

3 August 2017 by

What’s all the hype with Customer Experience? Do we really need it?


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This is definitely a hot topic at the minute yet the subject area of CX has been around for some time now.

So what has changed?

We have seen many companies focusing on CX-Customer Experience and embeddingthis into their marketing strategy. Historically, this was often driven from a CEO positioning. For the year 2017, we have indeed seen an increased appetite for hiring independent CX specialists– mid to senior level, analytical and research-based talent within the retail and FMCG world.

There really seems to be a buzz in the air about “our consumer” and a focus on the customer journey and their path to purchase across a full Omni-Channel platform.  Gone be with the days we just say and assume “The consumer is at the heart of everything we do”. NOW more than ever we need to ask ourselves: Do we really and truly understand our consumer? And do they know us? -This is where a dedicated CX specialist comes in:

They will observe, analyse and IMPROVE all touch points and interactions a consumer has with a company and its products and services– whether it be direct or indirect, instore or online, pre or post sale- The list goes on. This truly emphasises the need for expert analysis of one’s own CX.

Facets to CX we should utilise

Greg Ablett, Senior VP, West Interactive Services

According to IBM, a truly personalised customer experience must be one that is derived from research and data. Only 37% of consumers agree that the brands they engage with are delivering this experience and understanding them.

So how does a customer perceive our touch points and interactions?

CX is not necessarily what we think our companies’ values are or what our employees think. There are a few companies peaking their heads out among the crowds and reaping ROI YOY by listening to consumer’s insight directly.

Great customer experience does not also improve the perception of a brand externally but in turn will drive highly engaged employees while distilling a stronger sense of their brand values and promise.

Customers make their own perceptions on a brand by:

Effort How easy or hard is it for a consumer to do or get what they want? How hard/ easy is it for a customer to communicate with us on each platform?

Achieve Will this product/ service/ interaction achieve what they are looking to do?

Emotion Creating an emotional connection is tough but it is oh so rewarding. But remember: every interaction creates a personal reaction- good or bad.

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