A new era of data analytics. The challenges Irish businesses face

11 August 2017 by Mark Fallon

A new era of data analytics. The challenges Irish businesses face


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“The impact that Data Analytics (DA) is having on the world of marketing and customer engagement is nothing short of seismic.  According to research firm Gartner, 48% of companies have invested in Big Data in 2016 so we’re effectively moving from the era of Mad Men to Math Men (and women). Predictive Analytics, Exploratory Data Analysis and Cluster Modelling are phrases we’re going to be hearing much more of as customer centric business focuses on harnessing the commercial and revenue potential of DA. Now, it’s about mining data to develop insights that make your brand or experience compelling enough to purchase. The challenge for business is getting the process and function of data analytics right and matching the right talent to that need.”

That effect is already being seen across the commercial landscape and in particular within recruitment processes as the war for DA talent escalates. As Ireland Inc. embraces DA, the traditional 5 week process from first interview to job offer for this specialist talent has been condensed into days. The pace of change is rapid and it’s a challenge for business to keep up and not lose out to the competition. As a company with a motto of First to the Future we felt that now was the right time to bring industry together to talk about the challenges and opportunities offered by DA.” That’s according to Charley Stoney, Managing Director, The Alternatives Group (, Ireland’s leading talent house for marketing, data and digital specialists, which hosted a recent second breakfast meeting on the theme of “Data Analytics; Where are you on the Journey”, a follow-up to last year’s successful event.

A panel of speakers comprising Gareth Barr, Business Process & IT Manager, Electric Ireland; Yvonne Holmes, Head of Business Performance & Analytics, AIB and Marc Mullan, VP, Data & Analytics, DAA offered their expert insights on what’s described as the data analytics journey, gave their perspective on how DA functions within their respective organisations, offered advice on how to engage staff with DA and their thoughts on what future lies ahead for DA.

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