How it works

How it works

What skills do I need to join the Panel? 

The people and skills that are most in demand with our clients are those that drive market and customer proximity, transformation and ultimately brand and business growth.          

Our key areas of focus are: 

  • Brand & Marketing
  • Strategy & Go-to-market planning
  • Digital & Digital transformation 
  • Insights & Data analytics
  • Innovation
  • Commercial
  • Customer experience
  • Product management & Proposition development 
  • Communications & Corporate Affairs
  • Purpose, engagement, cultural change 
What experience do I need?

Our Panel comprises those from executive level up to senior management level. Consulting assignments are more suited to senior subject matter experts of course, however for projects on an interim or contract basis, the key element is having the required skills, at the level required and being able to hit the ground running with confidence. 

To do what? 

We provide interim managers, contractors and consultants into businesses for 3 scenarios: 

  1. To drive transformative change, with experienced, subject experts to unlock insights, devise strategy, disrupt, lead.
  2. To project manage key initiatives
  3. To provide essential business continuity when there are gaps in the team, often due to maternity or extended sick leave. 

How do those contracts work?

Interim Managers: Are usually for 3 month plus assignments, 3-5 days a week, payrolled by us or the client, and on a fixed salary basis. They are often for maternity cover or where projects -mid to senior level- need implementing. 

Contractors: Often for more sporadic or flexible input, over a short or long term period, paid on a daily rate basis.

Consultants: For senior, subject matter expert work. Usually short term injections of expertise, paid on a daily or project rate basis. 

If you may be interested, but would like more information, please get in touch with the Alternatives Panel team:

Form ID:1869